Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First trip to the farm!

The forscast for Sunday was snowy and cold but at about 10 am on Sunday it was sunny and beautiful and we just had to go up to the farm.  As it was our only day off together in awhile I wanted to make sure we used that time as best we could.  John tilled up the garden....

We have expanded it a bit this year from last...

I would tell you the dimensions but I have no idea!  I am still not a very good judge of footage or acerage of land as I didn't really need them until recently.

Here are the boys making rows with the old row cutter...some tools are just as useful now as they were 50 years ago!

Our little garlic is on the left and our collards from last year are growing again!  This is the first time we have planted garlic in this soil so hopefully it does really well as it seems to be a good seller.

I got some pictures of the inside of the old barn to show you but realized my pictures of the outside on on the other computer that I don't feel like hooking up.  Next time we are up there I will get pics of the outside.  It is a great old building that seems to be falling down more and more each time we go up.  If you head on over to Mama G's you can see all of the goodies I rescued from the barn.  It feels so good to get stuff in the ground...have you planted anything yet?

-Mama G