Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring activities

So we were at Lowe's looking at landscaping stuff.  We wanted some rocks to put on the borders of our flower beds but they were $3.00 each!  Well the field is full of nice big awesome looking rocks so we went out and got our own!  We wanted to get them before the farmer came through and planted corn so we did it this weekend. 

Me being supervised.


Seriously if you live in the midwest there are a TON of free rocks in fields all over the place.  Try and find a farmer who wouldn't mind you looking.  You will save a lot of money.  Maybe offer to border his/her flower beds?

Something I have grown to love with gardening is when something just grows on it's own from last year.  Our collards, being exposed to all of the element, still came back and are growing fantastically. 
Here are the collards next to the garlic.

This hardy little guy overcame the odds.  It is right in the middle of my radish patch but it made it this far so who am I to dig it up?

Also I will be staying home with the kids from now on which I am soooo excited about, but this will mean that we are going to have to cut back even more.  Our electric bill was way too much this month so I have been trying to do things to cut it back.

I am going to do my darndest not to use the dryer this spring/summer.  Drying clothes is a great way to cut down that electric bill.  You can hang them almost anywhere.  I am going to be doing all sorts of things to cut down on how much we spend.  I will keep you posted on all my little tricks!

-Mama G