Monday, August 16, 2010

Uses for expired olive oil...

So I have become a bit less enthused about Sam's Club in the past couple of years.  I have noticed that most things are cheaper to buy in a regular size at another store (like cereal for example...a HUGE rip off at SC).  Some things are still a good deal like parm cheese (the mega super duper size), cottage cheese, and sometimes fruit.  At least these are the things I get that I find are good deals.  Plus I don't like the fact that they basically sell a bunch of regular size boxes in one giant box.  One of the great things about buying in bulk is less packaging.  I would rather have one giant bag of spaghetti then 6 boxes and an extra giant box I have to recycle.  Now SC isn't the only culprit.  I went to buy some Annie's mac and cheese and wanted to get the large one.  A regular box was $1.70 and the large which is equal to about 2 reg. boxes was 4.99.  Really?  I mean I will just get 2 regular boxes.  Even when I buy in bulk a lot of times I can't use it all which I guess would be the benefit of the individual packaging.  So my point is, is I have a bottle of expired olive oil that I need to use on something else.  I searched the internet and a few things I found were...

Use instead of conditioner: Well this might work if my hair wasn't super fine.  I think I will try it but I will do it on a day I don't have anywhere to go as I have a feeling I will look like a big old grease ball.

Foot softener:  I would wipe out on my kitchen floor for sure!  I never wear shoes.  The plus side to this is it would be a funny story after a couple of months.

Lubricate doors and hinges:  This could work!

Make your own furniture polish:  Here is a recipe on The Family Homestead

Rub on candle holders to prevent sticking

Stuck zipper

So there you have it.  Some useful and not so useful ways to use expired olive oil.  Also make sure to store it somewhere where you won't get it mixed up with the good stuff!