Saturday, March 19, 2011

Finally some nice weather!

This has been the longest winter ever!  This last couple of weeks have been really rough on all of us here.  It has been especially hard on my little boy who loves to be outside.  My husband took Friday off of work so we could get some planting done and it was great to be outside!  We have all felt so much better.  Even my little girl who is only 18 months has been so much happier this weekend.  We went up to the farm Friday to get some stuff done.

The day was so nice!  Blue skies and 65.  A perfect day to do some planting.

My little boy had so much fun helping out.  He planted all of the fingeling poatoes.

We really expanded our garlic patch this year.  We only had 2 rows last year and we have 6 this year.  I also planted a half row of spring garlic. 

Last year we planted arugula for the first time and it is like a weed in the garden now! 

We also had quite a few turnips in the ground still.  Some were baseball sized.

I also found an arrowhead in the garden.  This is the third one I have found in the garden.  This one looks to be in good shape, just missing the tip. 
Today we had some stuff to do around the house.  We are expanding our side garden and I cleaned out the back garden.  We also bought a pound of snap peas that we are planting along all of our fences (aka chicken wire to keep the dog out) to maximize space.

This is actually a lot bigger than it looks.  We planted snap peas all along the fence here.

I found what I suspect (note the word suspect.  As in I don't know for sure so don't take my word for it!) is bittercress.  I can't find a good source for identifying it online, so I am going to pick up Peterson's Field Guide to wild edibles.

We also have a lot of things coming back on their own.  Here is some spinach...

and mustard greens...

And Starbor Kale that we overwintered.  We should get seeds this year from the kale and the mustard greens as it is their second year.  We really enjoy this type of kale.  It has a mild flavor and is great in smoothies.  It is really nice to have all this stuff coming back that we don't have to do anything to!  We also have rhubarb, lavender, ground cherries, cress, horehound, strawberries and other stuff I am forgetting, that will come back on their own.  We still have a lot of planting to do so hopefully the weather will continue to stay nice!