Monday, July 12, 2010

Garden update

Well as usual at this time of year, we are really busy with the gardening and marketing stuff.  It is going really well!  We have been having a lot of successes in the garden as well as some failures, but we have already learned so much more!  We just pulled the last of the first batch of beets and I am hoping that the weeds haven't ruined the next couple planting we did after that.  The swiss chard is still going strong as well as the kale.  We have had some cuc's and zucchini, and we are finally getting a good crop of tomatoes.  Most of the heirlooms we bought are dying or dead.  I suspect this is because we planted them in the same spot where we put our store bought tomatoe plants last year that died from the blight.  We didn't even think to put them in a different spot!  I did plant some of the heirlooms we started in a different spot and they are doing much better. 

These are the traveler tomatoes (Risentomate) we grew.  We bought the seeds from Baker Creek.  It seems to be a very healthy and productive plant.  The tomatoes are very interesting looking!

The fish peppers look awesome this year!  They are really productive plants.


And sunflowers.