Sunday, May 30, 2010


We had another great market this weekend! 

We had some lettuce, arugula, last of the radishes, fresh lavender, two kinds of kale, and some sunflower seeds for planting.  We sold out of all the lettuce and most of everything else.  Even the sunflower seeds were a hit!  We put a picture of little man standing in front of the ones from last year and people were really excited to be able to grow them too.  Some of ours were 15 feet!

These marigolds were huge!  And they were only $5 a flat...but I am really trying to only buy things that are absolutely necessary. (but I am kind of kicking myself for passing these up!)

Some pretty wildflowers...

Gorgeous roses....

Yummy baked goods (those are muffins with mulberries in them..yummm!)...

Hope you had a good Memorial weekend!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


We have been thinking about intstalling a fence in our side yard so we can expand our gardens here at the house for a while now.  The planning process has been slow and the ideas have changed many times, but now we are in high gear.  Our neighbors were replacing their existing fence and throwing out the old one.  Leslie saw this happening and lept into action, without hesitation she went over and asked if we could have the old fence pannels, some of the boards will need replaced and it is need of paint but will save us a load of money and we are recycling materials instead of them ending up in a landfill.  We will keep you posted on our progress

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Horay for yard sales!

We in the Glenn family love a good deal so we tend to collect alot of stuff that after a year or two starts to clutter up our small house.  So as we strive to be more self sufficient we realized that we need to use our space as efficiently as possible.  Enter the yard sale!  We started going through the basement about two weeks ago, and finally felt like we were ready for the sale.   We set up on Saturday morning and enjoyed the best weather of the week as we cleaned out the house and made a little money at the same time.    

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Duck egg noodles...

So this was a new adventure for me!  I have made noodles before but never with duck eggs.  One of the ladies at the market had them today so I got them, took em home, and made some noodles!  They are AWESOME!  So much richer than chicken eggs.  This is the recipe I used if you are interested.  I had a difficult time finding a duck egg recipe as they are quite a bit larger then chicken eggs.  I did find that I needed a lot of flower to roll them out.

A little wonky but yummy!  I think I better go make sure they still taste ok....

I have a problem...

Buying plants.  And seeds.  Seriously I need to cool it!  We only have so much room I really don't know what I am thinking sometimes.  My inlaws are nice enough to let us tear up their yard so I really don't want to push it...but...I really love heirloom plants and I found a local nursery that has an amazing variety of heirloom tomatoes.  Plus I limited myself to five which was really nice.  I would love to be able to grow them myself but we only had one heat mat this year so we just stuck with one heirloom type.  So here are some links to pictures of the tomatoes I bought yesterday.

Black Sea Man
Striped Cavern
Green Zebra
Big Zac Not an heirloom but we need it for the biggest tomato contest at market!
Black Cherry

And the one I am really excited about is the one we grew...but I will keep that one a surprise until we have our own pictures to show!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Our first significant harvest of strawberries!

And our hope for the future, our cherry tree!  Or as I like to call it...stick stickly.

Check out this awesome idea! (the first one is the best!)

Monday, May 3, 2010

First Farmers Market

We had a WONDERFUL first market!  There were so many vendor and customers.  We had a little rain at the end but we did very very well.  We got to meet some great people...including another young couple who will be selling at the market so it was a really great start to the year.  I am constantly surprised and encouraged by the willingness of people in our town to try new things...and buy them!  I love to plant unusual heirloom plants so this should work out quite well.  We took about 20 bunches of collard greens, quite a bit of curled cress, 4 or so bunches of baby arugula, and 8 bunches of radishes.  We sold out of all but a little bit of the cress and 4 bunches of collards!  I think we might have sold completely out had it not been for the rain about 2 hours before the market closed.  Anyways here are some pics for you....

Oh and whole wheat and oat dog biscuits which went over pretty well!  I also took some crocheted coffee sleeves and sold 2 of those which was really exciting because I have never sold, or attempted to sell anything I have made so this was pretty cool!  Also it was babies first market.  She just "hung around" (hehe) but loooved it!

This is only about half the vedorson this side of the street.  The other side was filled as well!

Yes, I do believe it will be a great season!  We will be going to the farm this week so hopefully I can let you know the goings on up there later in the week.

-Mama G