Thursday, August 12, 2010

Garden happenings, and our "work" truck...

So last week we planted the fall garden.  I would like to have waited a bit more but I wanted to make sure that we had some stuff for market.  It seems the bugs really go after the fall seedling.  We also started putting up more of the fence so we will have more room to make a second planting of everything...if we can get it up in time that is!  Some great fall crops are arugula, mustard greens, collard greens, kholrabi, radishes (which we will plant a bit later as they don't take very long), and turnips.  There are lots more.  This year I am trying black seeded simpson, and cilantro as well.  We also started some basil late that I was hoping to sell in the fall in pots for herb gardens over the fall and winter but they got gnats like everything else did so into the ground they went!  They seem to be doing well and I don't think I can have too much basil!

And here is the "work" truck.  I mean this in two ways, we hope it will help us do more work and it needs some work too!  Haha!  Ok and don't go getting mad at me either.  I am still into the tree hugger stuff.  New trucks are waaaay too much and most of them don't get good gas mileage at all.  This sucker isn't too bad on gas.  A huge benefit to this truck is that we can do most of the work it needs.  We don't know anything about it but my dad does and is willing to help.  Plus if we are going to move out to the farm someday we can't be taking out tractor in to get oil changes or when it starts making a funny sound.  We are going to need to do it ourselves...all a big part of this self sufficiency stuff ;)  Also more canning, and hoping that we have more tomatoes to can!  I just made the best sweet and sour sauce recipe which I will be making more of and will post the link when I have more time.  As it is there is lots to do so I better go do it!

-Mama G