Saturday, March 6, 2010

Making your own microwave popcorn

Let me start out by telling you how I almost burnt the house down.  Well ok not really but I almost caught the popcorn on fire.  So I have read in multiple places that you can pop popcorn in a brown bag.  Well with all the chemicals in regular microwave popcorn I really wanted to try this.  I have some brown bags from work so I put some popcorn in one and set the microwave on the popcorn setting.  About 1 minute later I smelled something paper.  Yikes!

Well I do not think that is supposed to happen!  I haven't read about anyone else having this happen so I am assuming it is the bag...but I still will not be doing it this way again.  So I was really bummed but then I thought well if I can do it in a bag I can probably do it in a glass bowl with a plate on it.

I put in in for about a minute...

It got a little steamy but not a problem!  I guess you can add butter before you cook it too.  I was going to buy an air popper last week but I am glad I didn't!  This is at lease 1/2 the price of regular microwave popcorn, less waste, and no chemicals!!!

Also we are starting to get our first seedlings!  These are the swiss chard.  I am starting them a bit earlier then is reccomended just to see how they do.  The seed is actually a cluster of seeds so I will have to thin it quite a bit.