Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Pics

I think I am cursed.  Everytime I think..."Oh I think I have enough money to buy a Kitchen Aid stand mixer", I break something.  I am going to try and not think that anymore.  I went out and bought a new camera finally.  This is why I don't buy an expensive one.  Anyways I wanted to share some fall pics with you...

Some pumpkins..not ours.  We did ok with the mini pumpkins this year but we didn't get any winter squash and the stink bugs has destroyed the summer squash by the middle of July.  We got our truck now so we are going to get some fertilizer up at the farm.  I think the plants need some good soil.

More squash and such...same person.

Here is our table...greens, greens, and more greens!  I am really excited with how well our fall stuff did.  We tried Mustard Greens for the first time and they have grown wonderfully.  Our Basil is actually still producing with only a couple plants that were harmed by the cold nights.  We also have arugula which did well and radishes.  The radishes have been more knobby then the spring ones and a bit hotter.  The French Breakfast, as always, did the best.  I would be satisfied with just growing these but J wants to grow Cherry Bells which is probably a good idea.  This is what most people are looking for.  I also grew a fall planting of Cilantro which is doing much better then our spring crop and I think I will do this every year.  The lavender is still kicking, and so is the Chard.  Overall this year has been 10 times better then last year, even with the dry weather we have had.  I can't believe it is almost over!!!  We are, of course, already planning for next year and hope to do 2 markets.  I have some other stuff I have wanting to be posting so hopefully I will get to that in the next couple of days :)