Monday, June 13, 2011


Oops I haven't posted in awhile!  We are super busy with the farm and market right now.  Both are going great.  The garden looks awesome.  I just harvested our first new potatoes yesterday, along with some okra.  I fried it up with some garlic scapes...yum!  I also made a garlic scape pizza this weekend which was awesome!!!

It amuses me that my kids are growing up in a house where taking pictures of your meals is pretty normal!  LOL!  Market has been going really well.  Not only have we been selling a lot but we have some pretty neat stuff at our market now.

Don't these look like little Easter egg candies?  They are actually Quail eggs and are super tiny and cute!  I think my kids will really like them boiled.  I might get around to that today.  We spent all day at the farm yesterday and I got some good pictures which I will try and post later.  Here is a picture of our market a couple of weeks ago.