Monday, May 3, 2010

First Farmers Market

We had a WONDERFUL first market!  There were so many vendor and customers.  We had a little rain at the end but we did very very well.  We got to meet some great people...including another young couple who will be selling at the market so it was a really great start to the year.  I am constantly surprised and encouraged by the willingness of people in our town to try new things...and buy them!  I love to plant unusual heirloom plants so this should work out quite well.  We took about 20 bunches of collard greens, quite a bit of curled cress, 4 or so bunches of baby arugula, and 8 bunches of radishes.  We sold out of all but a little bit of the cress and 4 bunches of collards!  I think we might have sold completely out had it not been for the rain about 2 hours before the market closed.  Anyways here are some pics for you....

Oh and whole wheat and oat dog biscuits which went over pretty well!  I also took some crocheted coffee sleeves and sold 2 of those which was really exciting because I have never sold, or attempted to sell anything I have made so this was pretty cool!  Also it was babies first market.  She just "hung around" (hehe) but loooved it!

This is only about half the vedorson this side of the street.  The other side was filled as well!

Yes, I do believe it will be a great season!  We will be going to the farm this week so hopefully I can let you know the goings on up there later in the week.

-Mama G