Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Sometime I have an idea and it is just soooo cool I think no one else can possibly have thought of this right?!  Well in the last post I had talked about re-usable produce bags.  I did not want to buy them but I was sure I had something around the house that would work.  Well I was saving my old onion/orange bags to crochet some dish scrubbies out of and I decided to use those for my produce bags...

I crocheted a drawsting on the top of the bag to keep it closed.  I think this is soooo cool!  I googled it to see if anyone else had thought of this and I found one page where a lady crocheted some handles on a bag but I really like the drawstrings.  They keep the produce in.

Also I made some cloth napkins.  This is something I have wanted to do for awhile.  I had some of my great-grandmothers, some I found at thrift stores, and then I made a couple.  I used the rip napkins pattern I found on Wee Folk Art but it didn't work so great for this fabric.  Since I got so much of it I am going to try and figure something else that works out better.  Hopefully I can post on that later this week.

If you don't like to make things yourself the thrift store is a great place to find napkins.  I got the ones on the top left for .25 each with 75% off so I paid about 6 cents each!  Not only are these way less wasteful then paper napkins they are a money saver too!  Always a plus!


  1. I love your reuseable produce bags. Very clever lady! I'm going to link to them a Facebook. A good idea begs to be shared!

  2. Good idea for the bags. I have been saving an old orange bag with a great graphic on the front to sew a lining into and make into a tote bag. Since you crochet you should check out some of the free patterns for mesh bags out there on the web, they come together in no time and are perfect for using up scraps of yarn or yarn from a thrift store, and they are washable!

  3. So glad you guys like the bags! I would like to try and write a pattern for them so others can use them too! I have never tried a mesh bag but I should!

  4. Please do post a pattern!