Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Canning in early spring...

Is your supplv of of home canned goods getting low?  Or are you antsy to get canning again?  Well I have a secret for you!  Your local orchard may have cold storage for their apples.  We are lucky and have a year round farmers market about an hour away.  They sell apples all year long there so I picked up some cheap b-grade apples to make some apple sauce with.  Now I am sure you can guess these apples are not really the best...I mean not the best as in not as good as they are right off the tree in August...but they are more then good for canning.  I also paid next to nothing for them!  Are you unsure of where to look for these?  Just call up your local orchard.  Pickyourown has a great list of pick your own farms in your area...you can start there or just google it!  There is also an apple sauce recipe here on the same page.  If you have never checked this site out I highly reccomend looking around.  Lots of canning recipes and info as well as the info on pyo farms!

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