Sunday, May 30, 2010


We had another great market this weekend! 

We had some lettuce, arugula, last of the radishes, fresh lavender, two kinds of kale, and some sunflower seeds for planting.  We sold out of all the lettuce and most of everything else.  Even the sunflower seeds were a hit!  We put a picture of little man standing in front of the ones from last year and people were really excited to be able to grow them too.  Some of ours were 15 feet!

These marigolds were huge!  And they were only $5 a flat...but I am really trying to only buy things that are absolutely necessary. (but I am kind of kicking myself for passing these up!)

Some pretty wildflowers...

Gorgeous roses....

Yummy baked goods (those are muffins with mulberries in them..yummm!)...

Hope you had a good Memorial weekend!

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