Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sometimes things don't work out....

So my little man turned 5 yesterday and today is his cowboy birthday party.  I have been trying to make everything handmade for his party.  I always make his cake/cupcakes.  While making the chocolate cupcakes I had a great idea...

Marshmallows in the cupcakes!  What could go wrong?  I was so excited, I thought they were going to turn out great!

Yikes!  Where the heck did they go?  Most of them just disappeared.  Oh well.  Thankfully I only did this to a couple.  I have another pan of normal ones.  Better luck next time I suppose! 

I am really excited about how the other stuff for his party turned out.  I will be sharing all of that goodness later, including a tutorial for the gift I made him!

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