Monday, July 18, 2011

Garden before and after...

We generally don't post too many pictures of the garden after June because by then the weeds are usually out of control.  This year is a little better then most since we have been spending so much time at the farm.  We still could do a lot more, and hopefully will be able to someday!

These are our squash we planted a month ago...

Here they are now.  Yikes!  You can't tell but we have squash and melons planted all down the length of the garden.  They are all heirloom of course and are showing really good disease resistance.
Tomatoes a month ago...

Tomatoes now.  We are really bad at staking our tomatoes so they are just laying everywhere.  This is a bummer because the tomatoes will rot if they are on the ground.  We will still get lots but next year we are really going to focus on staking!  Do you see the random sunflowers that came up from last year?
Here is our table from market this week :)

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