Monday, February 22, 2010

A confession....

So I believe that part of the beauty of blogging is you can really focus on the part of yourself you like most.  Only write about that part.  Well although I am tempted to hide it Ijust can't lie.  I am a big, huge, dork.  Hehe.  I got a free counter for the blog a few days ago and I check it waaaay too much.  Well this morning, following the usual routine I sat down with my cup of coffee and checked the blog counter.  Yesterday it was at 43 so I am hoping maybe 45 today?  Wait...117?!  Woohoo!  Someone likes us!  As I scrolled back up the blog I noticed a comment.  Woohoo!  Our first comment!  Even better it turns out to be the talented Kimara from Wee Folk Art.  Wow it's like a celebrity too!  No seriously the stuff at there site is super cute stuff!  I like to fancy myself as a crafter although I mostly just follow the tutorials of talented peeps like these ladies over there.  This reminded me that I found a great fabric in my stash to make there super easy rip and tear napkins.  I got it for a dollar a yard!  It is that really soft fabric you find in the quilting section.  I still have no idea how it will wash.  I would like to have used some plain old cotton fabric but the only pattern I have is a kid's pirate pattern.  I know my son would like it but I wanted something a bit nicer.  Hehe.  The last ones I made were from a linen fabric that was really hard to tear.  I got red in the face trying to do it.  I probably could have some decent biceps if I had made a few more! 

Also me and hubby were at the mall and I saw these really cute flowers in the window of Anthropologie.  On closer inspection I realized they were made of pop bottles!  How cool is that?!  Well we don't generally drink pop here but my dad came over and brought some 20 oz. bottles with him so I thought maybe I could try it?  I think it turned out well.  Here is what I did...

I Cut the top off of the bottle.  I found a serrated knife worked best.  Obviously be careful!  This is not a good craft for kids as you end up with a very pointy finished project.

Peel off label.  Here are some idea's on how to get the glue part off. (I wouldn't suggest using the light fluid idea...especially if you have any kind of open flame in the house!)

I used the rigdes at the bottom as a guide to cut line from the top cut end to the bottom end all the way around.  I then folded each flap down and held it with a clothes pin. 

Get the clothes pin on really good as I had a few fly off. Do this all the way around and keep them like this for a couple of minutes to ensure they stay like this once removed.

I then cut the petals.  I made mine pointed as you can see but you can cut them rounded or any other way you want.  I them folded it down in the middle and held each one with a clothes pin.  Do this all the way around.

Here is the finished product!  Kind of cute huh?  Anthropologie had  bunch of these in groups in different colors, sizes, and shaped.  It looked really great.  I think this would be wonderful at a baby shower or wedding for the super eco peeps out there!

I also think that I might leave a note for hubby to drill a hole in the bottom of this so I can try putting a christmas light though it.  I can just see his face when he reads that note!  The thought of it makes me laugh till I have tears in my eyes!  I' m not the only one out there whose husband just doesn't get some of the things she does am I? 

P.S.  I would like to make a pattern for my produce bags.  It is pretty simple and I am hoping people would enjoy making these. 

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  1. I do the same thing with my blog counter. My husband teases me that half of the stats number are me looking at how many people have looked at my blog...