Friday, March 12, 2010

What I would direct seed this weekend (If it wasn't raining)...

These are the plants I would direct seed right now...

Snow peas
Cress ( I actually planted some a couple of days ago...the birds ate the seeds, then I planted more yesterday)
Broccoli Raab
Swiss chard

Some of these things I would not plant until a bit later if the weather wasn't so warm.  I really want to have some stuff to sell the first week of market so I want to be on top of things.  I believe we should have radishes and hopefully some lettuce for sure.  Plus I am playing around with the idea of making some toys to sell.  Baked goods are just too big of a pain to label and package and what not.  John will head up to his parents sometime this week to plant these things up there.  The lettuce we started inside looks great...the broccoli raab is very leggy since we did not get lights on it quick enough.  We started our fish peppers and tomatoes with a heat mat.  I am very stressed about getting these seeds started soon enough.  Today I am going to try and sit down with a calender and plan out the rest of my plantings...(something I should have done in January!!!)


  1. " making some toys to sell. Baked goods are just too big of a pain to label and package"

    Hi, Really? I would think that toys would require collecting sales tax which is much more trouble than printing some labels for zip locked baked goods. The labeling is minimal for most baked goods under cottage food rules. Basically you just need the ingredients in order of most to lease by weight, Name and address of the producer, the phrase "this product was home produced". More on the cottage food rules here:

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  3. Yes I know the rules...I should specify that after buying the labels, fighting with the printer to feed them thru, realizing I forgot an ingredient, reprinting, individually packaging them, well it just wasn't worth it for me. Plus I don't want to have to list the 30 ingredients in cocoa powder if I use it in something which you have to do....list every ingredient in every ingredient. Too big of a time issue. But I am lucky that we have some of the best bakers in town at market so I have the chance to buy awesome goods from those folks!

  4. Actually cocoa powder was a bad example. I have a cookie that is my favorite to bake that I would like to sell but it contains chocolate pudding. Chocolate pudding has 15 ingredients. It is a good thing label them for food allegeries but I would probably have to use 3 labels to fit it all.