Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rain rain...thank God!

This has been an all or nothing kind of summer.  Either way too much rain or way to little.  We haven't had much lately so when I saw this...

I don't think these pictures do justice to just how dark it really was.  That house in the picture is a forclosed house next door.  It really started coming down and all of the sudden this guy parks his truck in the alley, jumps out of his truck, unloads a weedeater and mower and starts mowing the lawn!  It was really coming down in sheets and the sky was churning.  Lightning was crashing everywhere and the wind was insane.  I think the guy must have been a little crazy.  I thought banks didn't really care about foreclosed homes but apparently this one is different!

So with all this rain I am hoping the garden really goes crazy.  Things have begun to taper off, I believe it is due to the lack of rain.  It is funny how much my perspective on things has changed.  I never thought the weather would effect my life so much but it really is important for us!  We have one little baby watermelon that should really love this!  Now we have gotten quite a bit of summer squash.  Some of them are rather large so I have been stuffing them...

This one is filled with dirty rice and topped with mozzerella.  This is the one area in my life I take it easy, it is just Zattaran's Dirty Rice which is really good and really easy to make.  I usually use Morning Star fake ground meat.  I have also stuffed them with ricotta and sauce, and quinoa.  I am also working on some new stuff to sell at market.  We do well, but I think we really need to find our niche there.  I will let you know how it goes.  So I hope you are finding all sorts of good stuff to do with summer's bounty, and I hope your gardens are staying watered!

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