Friday, August 6, 2010


Well today was rather upsetting.  We went to the farm and our squash has been destroyed by the stink bugs.  I seriously hate those little jerks!  They always prevent me from growing squash later then August.  The corn has corn ear worm, the tomatoes have the blight and aren't ripening, the beans have some sort of bug that is making them look like swiss cheese, the cuc's have cucumber beetle and aren't producing as well, cabbage worms ate all our collard seedlings, and there are horse flies that I swear are attracted to me and want to suck my blood because they will not stop buzzing around me!  Argh!  Ok I feel!  Anyways this got me thinking, back when families depended (and in a lot of areas of the world, still do) on their crops to feed themselves...I can certaintly imagine why they started using pesticides.  I still think there is a better way.  That is why small farms are so important.  Like next year we are going to use a lot more row covers and raised beds.  That should prevent the squash bugs, as well as protect most of our other plants.  On a small scale this is possible.  Not so much on a large scale.  I did look into BT which is supposed to be organic and "safe", but then I found this website and I have changed my mind!  I think if we want cabbages this year and from now on it is floating row covers!


  1. So sorry to hear about your garden :(

  2. Yeah it was a bummer but we learned lots. Plus we have canned quite a bit of stuff. Also we have our fall garden so hopefully that does a lot better :)